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November = Christmas

So it's November.  Which obviously means Christmas.  It's time to get out those decorations and Christmas cds, people.  (Actually the Christmas Music Listening should begin in October, but now is the time to completely convert to all Christmas music all the time.)

I've started decorating.  This weekend I believe my wonderful housemate Cynthia is going to put up the tree.  Yay for people who own trees!  I haven't had a Christmas tree in my own place yet.  This shall be exciting!

Knitting/Crafting like MAD

I've been making many many things, so check out the photos. 

Above is a cell phone cozy i just made myself.  You can't tell int he photos, but I used two types of yarn held together so it has a nice sheen to it. I sewed the fake flower on afterwards.  I'm all about the fake flowers lately.

Some of my projects I can't share with you all yet, as they are gifts, and certain people cannot see them until Christmas.  It would totally ruin the surprise if they came online and were all "Oi! So that's what I'm getting for Christmas!"  So, after Christmas I will post all the pics.

CHECK OUT.......

... the Photo3 Page.  It's all stuff I've made.  I uploaded some pictures of my more recent projects as well as some older ones.


So many stupid assignments and exams.  I have to spend most of my time studying/researching when all I want to do it knit and listen to Christmas music.  grrrr to school.

On a happier note, I submitted my Intent to Graduate form.  It feels so good to be so close to the end. :)

Random news of the Moment

November 5   4:17 pm., 2004

I let my tea get too strong so now it's bitter.

First Knitted Sock

I knitted this sock for my mom.  This is a closeup to show the stripes. There's a picture of the whole thing in the Photo3 Page.

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